General Health

Many times it is seen that those youths due to lack of knowledge commit suicide. They think that their life
is worthless and cannot regain the condence
and stamina like before. But, this is their mistake. We have
treated various patients successfully. We have the potential to treat the patients without medicines. Our
expert consultation and tips are enough for this purpose.
Call us for a free consultation.
We always keep your personal information condential
tell the talk of your heart to Tajalli Dawakhana today itself via-e-mail or phone or visit yourself. you will and
the precious advise on phone. god wills it, you will be able to get a new life.
There is no life of despair, weakness and disappointment.
may god forbid it that you have any disease in your body or you are deprived of happiness due to sexual
problem so understandthat you need Tajalli Dawakhana.
Hakeem Sahab receives phone calls from patients every day. hakeem sahab listens to these phone calls
himself. these phone calls are made by those miserable young people ane women who are shy about share
or explaing his secrect disease (sex problem)heart’s talk to someone else.
Hearing the patients problem on the phone and tells them the proper counseling and treatment.