Tajalli Dawakhana Hakeem Sahab gets many phone calls from a lot of patients daily & he attends to them personally. These phones calls are made by those unhappy young men and women who are shy of sharing their sex
problems candidly with others. After analyzing the problem of the patients on phone , Hakeem Sahab
offers suitable advice & remedy.

During my experience as an Unani Medical Practitioner, in the eld of sexual disorders, I have found many of the
youths adopting wrong and unnatural means and ruining their lives in the process. This is primarily because of their
ignorance about natural sexual behaviour. I have written this book according to the Unani point of view, for the
physical and moral welfare of the younger generation. My intention is to give them proper guidance so that they
should know the real facts about sex and be able to make their lives happy and healthy. I have used a very simple style
in writing this booklet, so that a common man is able to understand it easily. Sometime it may prove very useful for
you or your friends.
After 20 years of dedicated service to mankind, today Tajalli Dawakhana grew into a formidable health care centre
in Saharanpur. We cure not only sexual disorders like impotency, infertility but also chronic ailments such as
Diabetes, Arthritis, Piles etc. After years of ceaseless effort and research we come up with successful treatments for
Weight loss, Beauty enhancement, Penis enlargement, Breast treatment etc.
We are receiving global appreciation and acceptance for our Natural Herbal treatment courses.


Tajalli Dawakhana is a centre for brilliance in natural treatment – symbolic of a current clinic with a mission to
endorse preventive and corrective treatment with world-class practices and competencies. From being a lonely clinic
started by Hakeem Sufiyan and exclusively run by him in UP, India in 2005, the company has came a long approach to
its present state. Today, Tajalli Dawakhana is one of the world’s largest series of natural virtual clinics and has a
network of virtual patient services catering to all cities of India and abroad.
Throughout the record of this company, superlative health services have always been the hallmark of Tajalli
Dawakhana which has symbolized the position of a guiding idol, changing the way natural medicine is professed in
India. It has played an original role in putting India on the universal natural map and drafting a new league of
Today people from all over the world appointment Hakeem Sufiyan Positive Health centre to experience the prot
of natural treatment for any and all kinds of ailments either by private or online and ofine